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Cradle Overseas Pensions Ltd

What we do

Our role is simple. It is to make our clients full informed about all of the options that exist for them, and work with them to find the most appropriate solution.

Before any of our clients take any action, or incur any fees, they should be able all know and understand:

  • The clear differences between their existing pensions, and all UK and Overseas Options
  • Any benefits relevant to their personal circumstances
  • The downside of all the options available (UK and Overseas)
  • Total cost breakdown including advice, pension and investment fees
  • For Defined Benefit Schemes, the true cost of what they are giving up
  • What the fees relate to, and how they have been calculated
  • The Regulatory and Policyholder protection that exists

As an FCA Regulated firm, we need to ensure that any advice provided is suitable and appropriate. This takes into account 2 aspects:

  • Ensuring that a transfer is beneficial in the first instance
  • Advising on a suitable scheme in the most suitable location, with an appropriate and regulated investment solution

What we do not do:

  • We do not take commission
  • We have no hidden costs (all fees for all aspects of any pension planning are transparent)
  • We do not advise on unregulated Investments
  • We do not advise on unnecessary products such as an Offshore Bond within a pension (every penny will go towards something relevant and tangible)
  • We do not advise on any pension schemes that do not pass our due diligence process
  • We do not provide advice where we cannot provide justification for any transfer, or where any benefits come at too high a price.

Our process

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2015 Fund Awards -
“QROPS Advisor of the Year - UK”

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